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the Stone Experience

Marmomac Architecture and Design collects the initiatives and events of architecture and design aimed at supporting the knowledge of stone, favoring its expressive potential and design applications both in interior and exterior furnishings. The architecture and design projects presented also highlight the intense link between the development of technology and the ductility of the stone material, which has always been present in the history of man's construction.

Awards and Competitions

Area dedicated to competitions, prizes and awards for people who have promoted knowledge, awareness and excellence in the use of stone

Archmarathon Stone Award

Archmarathon Award is the international architecture event, by Platform, which brings together Design studios from different countries of the world.


Select the stone project that will become the image of the communication campaign for Marmomac 2019

Communicator Award

Communicating through exhibition space: announcing the jury of the Best Communicator Award - 13th Edition

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