Exhibitors Area

Attention: important information for Exhibitors

Marmomac is no way associated with Expo guide, Construct data verlag and Event Fair

We have learnt that these companies named “Commercial Online Manual S – Expo Guide”, “Construct Data Verlag Gmbh” and “Event Fair” are soliciting many customers -who usually exhibit at major international events- for a listing in directories.

In this regard, we would like to point out that the above-mentioned directory are not authorized by or affiliated with VERONAFIERE or MARMOMAC.

Those solicitations ask you to complete a simple form to be included in their exhibition catalogue and may be misleading in that they imply that they are part of VERONAFIERE or MARMOMAC and that you will not be included in our official directory if the form is not completed.

In addition, the publishers of these unauthorized directories charge a substantial fee and send threatening letters regarding non-payment.

The Commercial Online Manual S “Expo Guide” Construct Data “Fair Guide” and “Event Fari” ARE NOT a VERONAFIERE/MARMOMAC (MARMOMAC) publication and we do not endorse any participation in it.
We have never asked these companies to sell MARMOMAC (MARMOMAC) advertising spaces on our behalf.

Kindly note that entries in MARMOMAC Official Catalogue, Directory and Show Guide can only be placed and booked by using VeronaFiere/ MARMOMAC order forms which all have VeronaFiere and MARMOMAC registered logo.

We remind you that, by exhibiting at MARMOMAC, you are automatically included both in the Official Catalogue and in the Exhibitors’ List on our official website at no cost.
The Registration Fee for MARMOMAC Direct Exhibitors in fact includes one free listing in the MARMOMAC show guide (Official Catalogue) as detailed both on Marmomac Catalogue Form and General Regulations (Exhibitors may order advertising pages, Trademarks, Bold-face Prints and other promotional tools but these are optional services offered by Veronafiere and are upon payment as clearly detailed on MARMOMAC Catalogue Form).
Thank you for your attention.