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Marmomacc is the essential fair for operators in the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from marble blocks to more complex processing
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The 2015 edition was attended by more than 67,412 visitors from 150 countries, joined by 1,526 exhibitors (60% from 55 countries) and official trade delegations from 55 countries
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Marmomacc Stone Academy: training credits for foreign and Italian architects

Once again this year, Marmomacc welcomes international architects thanks to incoming activities promoted through the Marmomacc Stone Academy in collaboration with the MISE, ICE and Confindustria Marmomacchine

Marmomacc 2016: record-setting edition

Exhibition centre sold out, exhibitors +10%! International status, business opportunities and new events. The 51st edition of Marmomacc is hallmarked by growth.

Pietre Santafiora and Carlo Cracco

Pietre Santafiora conquers the limelight of Marmomacc 2016 with an “art gallery” booth, where admire stone artworks and the cooking shows of the starry chef Carlo Cracco and his staff.

Finalists of Casting at Archmarathon Marmomacc announced

Twenty studios have been selected for the final of Archmarathon Castings@Marmomacc and will take turns on the stage in the Forum Area set up inside Hall 1 during Marmomacc.

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