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Marmomac is the essential fair for operators in the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from marble blocks to more complex processing
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The 2015 edition was attended by more than 67,412 visitors from 150 countries, joined by 1,526 exhibitors (60% from 55 countries) and official trade delegations from 55 countries
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Record-setting Marmomacc 2016. More international than ever: +5% foreign visitors

Exhibitors and square meters sold also expanded. Germany, the United States and Spain confirm status as key markets. Major expansion for Chinese operators and significant increase in buyers from Great Britain.

Harley Davidson, Lego and Guitars

Marble racing on a Harley's two wheels or becoming a brick in the one of the world's most famous children's toys. Natural stone re-invent itself by taking on the outlines of several famous cult icons. "Marblego": Lego bricks in 1:18 scale strictly carved in Carrara White marble, Verona Red marble, Nembro Rosato marble and Verde Alpi marble

Best Communicator Award for the Best Exhibit Set-Ups

Stands that become full-scale works of art and design to narrate the materials and technologies involved in the world of natural stone.

Marmomacc debuts with its new Logo

Marmomacc looks to the future with the debut of its new Logo. This change by no means forgets the show's specific identity and maintains a stylized form as a sign of continuity with the past.

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